Friday, 15 July 2011

The Seven Links Project

I was really touched this week when 'the fly in the web', proprietor of the lovely Costa Rica Calling blog contacted me to let me know that she had nominated Sophie's Words for the blogging Seven Links Project.

The idea of the project is that one blogger is nominated by another to take part. That blogger then looks back over their archive of posts and chooses one that fits into each of seven categories.

Finally, the blogger nominates five other blogs, although there is absolutely no pressure on anyone - that would be unpleasant, wouldn't it, and if it was going to be like that, I wouldn't have agreed to come out to play!

Now, this blog is still quite young, only a few months old, so I don't actually have that many posts to choose from, but I thought it would be fun to look back on what I've got so far. Here goes...

My Most Beautiful Post

I feel a bit squeamish about this one. While I would hope there is sometimes beauty in what write, I'm not sure it's for me to decide whether there is or not - I think that sort of thing is for other people to judge.

So, I'm going to cheat a bit, and nominate this one:  Seeing the smaller picture because its subject is an object of beauty. I just hope my writing does it justice.

My Most Popular Post

The post which seems to have moved people most, and to have elicited some very personal and heartfelt comments, was How Dave Lee Travis helped make the world complete. I was really touched by the response I got with this one. It seemed to have moved something very deeply in people.

My Most Controversial Post

Ooh, tricky. Perhaps the closest I have got to controversy so far is  Magic moments: Your table awaits which touches briefly on the nature of socialism in Cuba! Believe or not, I was nervous about that one and not sure how much to say. I was relieved once I'd got the politics out of the way and could concentrate on the magic!

My Most Helpful Post

Ah. No doubt about this one. No doubt at all (she said, tongue planted firmly in cheek). This one contained vital information for writers everywhere: Displacement activity, revolving cats... and WWWhen the internet comes good This post also holds the record for longest title. And I had fun writing it.

A Post Whose Success Surprises Me

I'm not sure this counts as success, but the following post caused lots of good-natured banter on Twitter about the interpretation of fairy-tales and their sinister undertones.

Admittedly, the debate wasn't directly related to the blog post, whose purpose was to celebrate the beautiful art work in the old Ladybird books, but it was gratifying to watch it spark something in other people: The Elves, the Shoemaker, and a pile of old... Ladybirds.

A Post Which I Feel Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved

I am of the belief that life doesn't owe me anything. And I don't write the blog expecting anyone to pay attention! But there is a post which is close to my heart, because I so enjoyed writing it, but which seems to have passed by pretty much unnoticed. It did get some very lovely, thoughtful comments when I posted it at RedBubble, though, and seems to have moved people. Here is The Happy Meal.

The Post I'm Most Proud Of

One of the ideas I like to explore on my blog is the similarities which different art forms bear to each other, and how an artist in one field might draw inspiration from another in a completely different field. I'm quietly pleased with Elliott Erwitt - the writer's photographer? because it explores how the visual arts might act as a trigger or an inspiration for a writer looking for character, situation and plot.

So, there we are.

And now for my own five nominated bloggers. As I stressed before, there is no obligation on anyone to take part - we're all busy, and this should be a bit of fun rather than a burden. As much as anything else, I see nominating these five beautiful blogs as a way of sharing them with you. Here they are:

Deborah Parkin Photography  Deborah makes some breath-taking photographs, featured on the blog, but also writes thoughtfully and philosophically. You don't need to be a photographer to appreciate the content here.

Hadriana's Treasures  This is a lovely, varied blog by an ex-city banker and scuba diver, who now runs a B&B near Hadrian's Wall, as well as guiding at local Roman sites, and running Latin courses!

The Way Things Comes Clear  Betsy is a recent history graduate and a keen wet plate photographer. She is obviously a great thinker, too, as will be evident when you read her blog.

In The Write Mind  Quirina's blog is home to her beautiful, hypnotic poetry, which has much to say on the nature of being human. If you read German, you're in for twice the pleasure.

English Epochs 101 Debra is a newly-published author (and therefore very exotic to this aspiring one!). An American, living in Oregon, she has a fascination for British social history, and writes informatively on it, as well as on the nature of writing itself. I would like to take this opportunity of wishing her every success with The Companion of Lady Holmeshire.

Do explore these blogs if you have the chance - each of them sparkles with its own unique riches!


  1. Hello Sophie:
    We have been wonderfully sidetracked by this post.First, reading through your past posts which have certainly provided further insights to the otherwise very limited knowledge which we had of you previously. And, secondly, through your nominated blogs. All so very different and yet captivating in their own ways.

  2. Thank you very much Jane and Lance for taking the time to read them, and to leave your kind comment. I wonder sometimes if the blog doesn't flit around a bit too much from one thing to the other, and whether I shouldn't try to restrict its scope a bit. But that wouldn't be being true to myself, which I think is important too!

    I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the other blogs. They're all very close to my heart! I think the best thing about the Seven Links Project is being able to share these gems with other people.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Hi Sophie, how kind of you! I really enjoy British history and so doing extra research to write for my blog is nothing but enriching fun. I wish I had more time to devote to it! We can only do so much. One of the greatest things about having written my book is that I began to seek out other writers and people with similar interests- I have ever so many wonderful new friends now, including you. I am going to look for that poem, now, on the eclipse, so I can read it again. It is beautiful! Anyone who reads this should search it out. :)

  4. Hi Debbie! It's good to see you here again.

    I'm glad you like the idea of the Seven Links Project. I think it's a really good way of sharing our own blogs, and others we enjoy, with a wider audience.

    Like you, I've made lots of new friends since I've been sharing my interests on the blog and on Twitter. There are some genuinely lovely people out there and it is nice to feel a part of that community.

    I do wish you every success with your book. It's so exciting!


  5. I've had a lot of pleasure catching up on your blog...and once a rather hectic period passes I'm looking forward to reading the blogs you suggest.
    I found the exercise rather difficult...I just categorise differently, I think...but it has been worth it to see the blogs and blog posts other bloggers produce.

  6. Hello Fly! Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog so far.

    I know what you mean about finding the exercise a bit difficult! When I first looked, I really didn't think I had anything that fitted into half the categories, so I had to be a bit creative in my choices and my explanations! I did enjoy it though.

    I'm having a bit of a hectic time just now with a few deadlines coming up, but am really looking forward to exploring your own blog in real depth when things calm down.

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you very much for mentioning my blog. Sorry I haven't responded before. Such lovely words! Life is more than a bit the moment....maybe we can have coffee some time and I can explain? :)Cxx

  8. Hello Hadriana! How lovely to see you! And please don't worry about not having responded earlier. The good thing about the Seven Links Project is that there is absolutely no pressure, and no obligation to take part. It's fun, but it is a little time-consuming too. I think one of the best elements of the whole thing is the opportunity to share other blogs we've all enjoyed and get them out to a wider public!

    A coffee would be lovely. Just name the time and place... x