Saturday, 12 March 2011

The sand-box approach

My husband informed me over lunch today that what I'm engaged in with my blog at present - it is only two days old - is known as the 'sand-box approach'. I had never heard of this concept, but immediately I said, 'So I just play around with it and see what happens?' And apparently that's exactly what that means.

The words 'sand-box' immediately brought to mind an old photograph my parents have. It shows a toddler in a pair of pink dungarees, playing earnestly in a cardboard sand-box (we really knew how to have fun in the 70's), on the rather barren patio of a brand new Wimpey bungalow.

The garden and patio are a beautiful, lush little haven now, without a whisper of the childhood or the sand-box (though I can still recall the pleasant mustiness of the box and the grittiness of the sand between my fingers). Perhaps the blog is my replacement sand-box, a safe new place to play and experiment, but with words this time, instead of a spade and a blue plastic saucepan.

I'm having fun behind the scenes, adding and adjusting elements, asking myself 'What happens if I click on this...?' and trying out things generally, so I can make this work just as I'd like it to. I hope I'll get into my stride pretty quickly.


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